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Crimson Passion

By Pepita Diamand

The bitter chill of winter is enough to drive anyone mad. Mad, that is, unless they’re wearing Crimson Cashmere. »

Beija Gives You Wings

By Summer Rahman

Beija is the boutique creation of British fashion designer and émigré, Michelle Lindup. With such a stunning collection of poetic, vintage-inspired, ultra-feminine clothes, it's no surprise that her clothes just fly out of the shop. »

India Madhavi Answers Five Paris Style Questions

By Pepita Diamand

In spite of her international outlook, or perhaps because of it, architect and designer India Madhavi personifies Paris Style. »

Cared-for at Carita

By Pepita Diamand

So how do Parisian women get away with such light maquillage? Their beauty secret, it seems, is skin deep, with the help of regular facials to keep their ‘soin’ in top condition. And the favoured place for facials among those who know is in the legendary Maison de Beute – Carita. »


By Pepita Diamand

This is Paris Style File - your guide to stylish living in the world’s most stylish city. From fashion to cuisine and everything in between, Paris Style File seeks to discover what gives this city and its citizens that certain je ne sais quoi, while providing visitors and virtual voyeurs with valuable insights... »