Crimson Passion

Monday, January 10, 2011
By Pepita Diamand
Cool, not cold.

Cool, not cold.

The bitter chill of winter is enough to drive anyone mad. Mad, that is, unless they’re wearing Crimson Cashmere. Warm and chic is the best way to stay sane – just don’t be surprised if people nearby go a little nuts with envy.

Since 1984, in-the-know (and sound-of-mind) Parisians have been flocking to Crimson’s Rue Marbeuf boutique to stock up on some of the best cashmere sweaters and accessories around. Cardigans and roll-necks for men and women are available aplenty, in a riot of colours to suit every taste and whim.

But while the colours are a draw, it’s the quality that keeps Crimson’s clients coming back for more. Fine Scottish cashmere is at the core of Crimson’s luxurious collection of knit classics – classics which Crimson’s owner, Linda Wright, has been updating since she bought the store in 2004. A former model and fashion designer who worked with Ralph Lauren for many years, Linda has made subtle adjustments to sizes and details which appeal to today’s discerning clientèle.

The result is an international following for this tiny Parisian boutique, through not much more than word of mouth. Speak to anyone who owns one of Crimson’s fabulous ponchos, for example, and expect a 10 minute fawning over how practical and stylish this simple piece can be. And considering the outstanding quality of the cashmere combined with Linda’s Parisian flair, Crimson’s prices aren’t crazy either.

Crimson Cashmere
8 Rue Marbeuf
75008 Paris

+ 33 (0)1 47 20 44 24

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